Breaking Common Relationship Myths

Ever been through a bad period in a relationship? Most of us have, and it seems like everyone becomes a relationship counselor overnight! Though we appreciate when our friends try to help us, sometimes it sounds as if they are just regurgitating old wives tales. Though relationships can be improved by simple things like leaving love quotes for him to find, or going on a short break, a lot of dedication needs to go into a relationship.   Today we are going through some of the more common relationship myths and why you should avoid them at all costs! These myths only serve to weaken the relationship. Some relationships are not worth saving though. If you write love quotes for him, but he doesn’t show any emotion because of it, it might be time to go your separate ways.

1.    Love is Enough

Love is never enough. Especially when a baby arrives. When all of your time is going towards looking after the infant, other areas of your relationship like romance, sex, fun and adventure take a major hit.

Relationships have a habit of turning into endless to do lists, it’s vital to curate a relationship which is built on strong foundations. No matter your situation, you need to pay close attention to the aforementioned areas. When focusing on these areas of a relationship, you will both see the benefits and increased enjoyment of life together!
2.    Conflict is bad

Conflict happens in all manners of life, relationships included. Conflict serves a great purpose, if you can get past the initial anger and resentment. When conflict arrives, it’s time to think about what the cause is. Talk to your partner in a calm manner and work out why that conflict emerged, and what you can do to improve it.

Relationships are never an overnight thing, we often spend lifetimes building and working on a relationship together with your partner. Use conflict to spot areas that need addressing and do what you can to patch those holes!

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