Applying Mascara on Bottom Lashes

While it’s true that you will find some mascaras that come with smaller-size brushes to make it easier to apply it to your lower lashes, you can use your regular mascara wand from on both your upper and lower lashes. No matter what the size of the wand, all it really takes is a bit of know-how to perfectly define your lower lashes. If one of your major makeup issues is messy mascara application, here are some expert tips/tricks to help you get it on without getting it all over the area under your eye.

First of all, you’ll want to use a piece of tissue to remove the excess mascara off of the wand before applying it. This will help you to avoid messy, unattractive clumping on your lower lashes- or at least reduce your chances of experiencing clumping. If there are any clumps, they will be much smaller and you’ll be able to immediately remove them with the wand as you go. If smudging has been an issue in the past for you, it might be a good idea to invest in a waterproof formula.

Another option is to take a small square of tissue and fold it in half, placing it under your bottom lashes, using your non-dominant hand. While this isn’t necessarily a requirement, it is definitely something you can do to keep the smudging off of your skin if you’re known for having unsteady/shaky hands.

Instead of holding the wand horizontally, hold it vertically. Then, lightly touch the tip to your bottom lashes. This will create a natural look that doesn’t look spidery/spiky. Of you’re going for a more intense look, you’ll want to make sure that more mascara gets on your lashes. Either way, using the horizontal position is best for applying to top lashes- after all, you want them to look much fuller than your lower ones. If you define your lower lashes too much, this will make your eyes look bottom heavy.

Using these tips will help you get a much more professional, less- smudged look to your bottom lashes when applying it to your lower lashes.

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